What I love about words.

What I love about words is that, they can create a conversation that can change lives. As a writer, I am inspired by everything in this world, Simple words such as “I love you” can change someones day, a simple word such as “try” can inspire someone to build a multi-bullion company like Facebook. Words have this huge power that i can’t imagine. I’m one of those people in this world, that have doubts about eyes being thee window to the soul. However, I believe that words convey what our inner person is trying to say. Throughout history words have had as much power as the sword. Words shape ideas and give them form, words are an expression of our passions and have more power than any other art form. Words are the most powerful force on earth because they communicate ideas more effectively than any other form of expression. Edmund Burke said so two hundred years ago.



What I hate about words

Words can be very abusive and can make a person hate him/herself. Words can be used to humiliate others and also can be used to dismiss others opinions or ideas. People can be in control in a negative way and attack other peoples self-esteem.  Words have always been the kindling and the continued energy that fuel our actions. Revolutions have begun with words, men have been stirred to battle by words, and dictators have manipulated countries by words, creating the vilest justifications for the annihilation of millions. Words give testimony and sway juries and send people to their deaths.  Words are the most valued commodity of our species, the hallmark of our humanity, the singularly most distinct difference between man and animals. It is absolutely indisputable that words possess immeasurable power to shape individuals as well as history.



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