My Favourite Book

To this day this book is still my Favourite, Fools & Other Stories by Professor Njabulo Ndebele.

Fools & Other Stories is a charming collection of five short stories set inside South Africa’s Township, in the apartheid days. Unlike some of the more explicitly political literature of its time, these five stories focus deeply on individual characters, relationships, and daily experiences. Despite the absence of overt political content, the stories reflect the limitations and sufferings caused by the governing and social structure.


Professor Njabulo Simakahle Ndebele was born 4 July 1948 in Johannesburg, an academic, a literary and a writer of fiction, is the former Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Cape Town.

He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts and Philosophy by the University of Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland in 1973, And a Master of Arts in English Literature by the University of Cambridge in 1975, to name a few awards that he was presented with.

These stories from the closing days of apartheid rule in South Africa won the Noma Award, Africa’s highest literary award, and announced Njabulo Ndebele as an assured and impressive literary voice. He has gone on to become one of the most powerful voices for cultural freedom on the whole of the African continent today. Ndebele evokes township life with humor and subtlety, rejecting the image of black South Africans as victims and focusing on the complexity and fierce energy of their lives.

professor Ndebele is also a key figure in South African higher education. He has done public service in South Africa in the areas of broadcasting policy, school curriculum in history, and more recently as chair of a government commission on the development and use of African languages as media of instruction in South African higher education.

Name your Favourite book and author………..





3 thoughts on “My Favourite Book”

  1. Mine is “The Madonna of Excelsior” – Zakes Mda.

    Its a masterpiece! First read it as a prescribed book at varsity; wouldn’t mind reading it again.

    So, Letswalo, has your favourite book had any influence on your identity thus far? I’m under the impression that you read it at high school as part of curriculum.

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    1. Most def’, it has influence in my life. In high school i read the book just because it was part of my curriculum, true there, but i read the book in tertiary with clear understanding and it changed a bit of my life as a young boy from the “Township” also i read about the writer’s work and life and even today him and his book still changing my life


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