OPINION: I Enjoy Reading

We all heard that traditional books are disappearing in favour of these so call electronic books. Don’t get me wrong, the truth is e-books have made huge inroads in the publishing industry, but I find it hard to believe that traditional books will completely disappear just like that.

I grew up reading to my grandmother, we would sit near that old “granny stove” near the corner of the kitchen. I would read to her, her favourite books every night before we go to bed. I love reading today because of those moments.

I believe that there is room in my life for both of these books. Even though people who love books still enjoy the traditional way, they are reading e-books more than ever before and they are reading them on different devices.

Okay, I must admit and be fair e-books have many advantages, even though there are things that we are giving up in order to use e-books. Ebooks are convenient, You can purchase a book directly from your cell-phone, computer, ereader or tablet. It will appear on your device as soon as it’s done downloading, you will be reading it in a matter of minutes. You able to buy your favourite books while sitting comfortably at home with family and no need to worry about shipping expenses as well.

Ebooks are lightweight and take no storage space. One device can carry hundreds of books, when you travel you can take your entire book library with you and hold it in the palm of your hand.

You can adjust the size of the text rather than trying to find a book that is in large text, you simply make the text larger on your device. Which is a big deal for mean readers. In some devices you can also change the font and colour of the background to suit your tastes.

We can’t ignore the simplicity that came with ebooks, which is important and convenient. But what we are giving up is much more than just a “book”. We giving up the joy of searching through shelves full of books in a store to find just that one breath taking book. We giving up the idea of owning and being surrounded by stacks and rows of books.

I believe that traditional books are somehow comforting and being surrounded by them can also make you feel smart, and can push you to want to read.

In traditional books, you can write notes in the margins, underline phrases, dog-ear pages, and use physical book-marks. True, in an e-book you can also highlight passages, write notes and book-mark pages.

Here’s where e-books come up short. When buying an e-book, you are not really buying a book in an actual sense of the word. You renting the e-book, it’s not really your book, you paying access to it under a specific set of circumstances.

In stark contrast, when you purchase a traditional book you own it and can give it away or sell it to get some of your money back, if lucky you can even have it autographed by the author.

Some e-books can be interactive and contain audio, video and animations, which can be very attractive. The biggest drawback of e-books is that you need to purchase certain software’s to read your books and you need to update your software’s now and then.

As much as I hate to say it. For me, on this one is a win-win situation. It seem that in life there are always pluses and disadvantages. I’ll keep reading an actual book and I hope we don’t lose them because these books are a physical testimony of our existence. .



  1. All valid points. I still like printed books. I buy them. I love seeing them at home. ☺ I’ve just finished reading a Danielle Steel. I started when I got home before 6pm and it was done in about 7 hours, almost non-stop, except to eat supper.

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