Let’s meet at the coffee shop

We all need that third place in our lives, with a friendly vibe and fresh air to think. A place where locals meet, but yet you can still feel comfortable relaxing alone. In Braamfontein one of those places where you can relax, enjoy your thoughts or work on that long assignment, while enjoying a sip of jozi life. It’s in one of the coffee shops around the area.

Coffee shops are a hub for social interaction, all kind of great things happen there as a result of these interactions. People feel connected and less stressed, Coffee shops have the ability to not only draw together residents and customers. But also generate activities that lead to additional neighborhood development. Coffee shops are unsung heroes and catalyst of pedestrian activity and have increased social activity in the area.

A student from Wits says: “Places such as coffee shops around Braam helps in terms of networking and culture. As much, as I am a student at Wits, in one of these coffee shops. I can meet someone from Rosebank College or Damelin and have a conversation and maybe ending up starting a business. And we can also exchange cultures, in terms of institution culture. Someone might bring a certain culture from Rosebank and I can come with a certain culture from Wits and interest each other and also exchange ideas.”

Coffee shops offer a relaxed, neutral environment where people can lower their guards, get reinforcement and recharge. Some of those ideas generated are more personal, others are plans for the next big thing that might make billions one day.


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